Moving On


So clearly, I never got around to catching up. Instead of trying to summarize the last months in depth, I’m just going to give a general snapshot and attempt to jump back in.

I’m currently living on the West Coast doing a year of service program. I didn’t exactly expect to find myself here, but it is turning out to be a good thing. There are always problems (the staff at this program are horrible…passive-aggressive, unconcerned about the well-being of interns, ignorant of the meaning of personal/professional boundaries…I could go on), but the benefits are starting to outweigh the costs. I’m teaching at a low-income mostly Hispanic high school, helping to develop an ELD program. I live with 4 other crazy people, but we all manage to survive each other and enrich each others’ lives. I think.

I’m enjoying being closer to the ocean and the much more liberal atmosphere around here.

But yeah. That’s been the last 8 months in a nutshell. Still very gay, still very stubborn…not much has changed.


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