catching up


Wow. It’s been a while. I left this and kinda forgot about it. A lot has happened in my life since 2/24/15, so I’ll try to highlight it quickly.

In March of 2015 I came out as queer to my parents, my siblings, and my extended family in 24 hours. Do not recommend. I then began the process of coming out at my school, which was terrifying and freeing–I attend a conservative Christian university not known for tolerance.

From May-July 2015 I traveled through Costa Rica and Nicaragua. I met a much more diverse group of people than I’d ever met before, and I realized that not everyone cared about who I loved. It was shocking to me that it just didn’t matter to people. They liked me independent of my sexuality. That trip was amazing and eye opening and freeing.

In August, I started college again, along with a new job at a new nursing home (but no overnights; I care about my mental health more now). School was a bit difficult to get used to after the freedom of Central America. In addition, a lot of unfortunate events went down with administration at my school where they harassed gay students and were generally awful. It took a toll on my mental health, and I dealt with enough depression that I couldn’t stand doing much. It has been a while since this hit, and it sucked, but thankfully I’m doing some better.

In November, in the aftermath of the drama with my school, a group of two fellow students and I created a presentation for conservative Christian schools who wanted to support their queer students regardless of theological positions. We proceeded to network, push, shove, cajole, beg, plead, present, build alliances, and work our tails off to see this move forward. (To date, it’s doing better than we ever thought.) It is difficult at times, but has been really worth it to feel like we are contributing tangible betterment to our university’s culture.

December I spent at home with my family, which went surprisingly well. I biked over 120 miles in two weeks, taking every opportunity to hit the road. I also rested, read, and refreshed my soul. I learned that I am in introvert and need a lot of recharge time or I will not be effective at anything and my soul will not be peaceful.

In January I started student teaching, which I thought I might die from but I’m still living through. It’s getting better, but I am not sure it’s what I want to do forever. That’s ok, though, because I don’t have to do it forever. I am enjoying the 6th grade math class I’m in now.

In February I was accepted to the Episcopal Service Corps program in Chicago, the Julian Year. I will be spending a year living in Chicago and focusing on personal and spiritual transformation and growth while serving at a social service agency and living in community. I’m excited! The interview process for the ESC was actually one of the most interesting experiences in my life. It was so amazingly affirming. My sexuality wasn’t a liability, they were excited about the work I was doing at my school, and they didn’t exclude me from Christianity just because I was gay. It was freeing and welcoming. I ultimately got offers from 6 different programs, and it was incredibly hard to choose just one–but in the end the Chicago program seemed like the best fit. I am thrilled and can’t wait to graduate and move on to new things.

That’s a summary of my life so far–hopefully I will continue to update this blog a bit more frequently. I’m probably the only person who reads it, but it’s a good reminder of my life so far and helps me mark progress and see growth.



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